<![CDATA[Tottally Blue - Starting Point]]>Sat, 30 Jan 2016 02:19:58 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[forbidden passionĀ ]]>Sun, 15 Feb 2015 13:53:43 GMThttp://preciousmaya.weebly.com/starting-point/building-confidentsIn the forbidden castle
 I sat tearing
Like an apple
Driven mad by the wall
The colour has gone old and rusty
The walls pave out like the stars,
Taurus comes first,
Fear not but love,
I'd listen to those words
Like a chore to do.
Why should i love?
You get hurt every time you try.
They just turn into ice
Like the cold blue.
What more to love?
They offer you only tears
Like the grains of sand
To count
The days of darkness
That hunts you to death
Death may not hurt
Like love does
You had to grow wings
To fly freely
Living me trap in here
Like rupunsel trapped by the witch
You run off freely
Withought a turn.
To leave a new life
I stood on the other side
Trying to bring you back
But your wings got stronger
Wishing  I'd listen When you ask me
to Know you are gone
With the wind
 Withought a turn
I shall miss you more
Like the sun misses
To be awaken
The light of earth.

<![CDATA[the secret door]]>Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:27:43 GMThttp://preciousmaya.weebly.com/starting-point/the-secret-doorI thought it was a normal day 
the smell of my mom's best french pie made the day wonderfull.
All those dances made me tired all the want me 
to do is dance and be a princes 
but all i want is to be normall like other kids even if i am different
i knoow that my mom is a queen and dad is a king but i just dont 
fit in the farmilie .
what i really love is reading andventures not being a princes at 

lullaby,lullaby as her  (grand mother ) calls 
''yes grany''
thats what i used to call her i dint love calling her by her name 
''can you please acompany me to the ball room now i have a suprice for u''
''yes grany i would love to but in a minute''
''thats what you always say come out of that room now''
''okay grany wait let me put on my slipers''
''okay dear are you ready can we go ''


<![CDATA[to my enemy]]>Mon, 15 Dec 2014 14:38:09 GMThttp://preciousmaya.weebly.com/starting-point/to-my-enemy
                            Your time is up
Stop what you are doing  with your life 
What have you done till now?
you spend your days planing to trap me but 
haven't you realise that what you are doing will
destroy your life . 

life is more precious then spending worthless
night without sleep just thinking what you
are going to do to me tomorrow.stop
what you are doing you are ruining your
life not mine

life has allot stored for you but you are not 
reaching it out .your time is up please do 
something for your life and live mine alone .

by: Maya S 

<![CDATA[life can be weird]]>Sat, 13 Dec 2014 13:27:07 GMThttp://preciousmaya.weebly.com/starting-point/life-can-be-weirdits really weird  how life turns out for most of us starting from scratch were you use to sweep houses just to get money in order to buy a pair of sneakers just to look cool like every other child out there. like they say it started from scratch and now we are here....... now we are business women and men but how did that become it we followed some very great goals that helps us be who we are to day.

<![CDATA[To My Tormentor]]>Fri, 12 Dec 2014 20:18:49 GMThttp://preciousmaya.weebly.com/starting-point/to-my-tormentorCome here.
I want to give you back all the rags you forced into my mouth to silence me,
to fill your hands with them until you finally realize
the months of weight you buried my voice with.
I want the sky back whole again, the fact same shade it was
when the storm that was you carried away my life taking with it every tree it ever uprooted.
An old wives tale from Russia spins a story of how women in pain
hung bird feathers from their clothes lines until they finally felt light enough
to flee from the source of their hurt like sparrows. 
The only difference between those feathers and me
is the feathers don't make a sound.
Come here - I want to give you my voice box and my vocal chords,
every line on the back of my palms, the months of salt,
the way I used my body as kindling and your words as the fire-starter.
Come here.
I want to give you my forgiveness for all the years you spent
putting my life on the line
just like those old Russian Wives.]]>